• Blue Day Bar
    Welcome to Paradise

    B&B - Bar - Restaurant

    Posada | Sardinia

  • Blue Day Bar
    Welcome to Paradise

    B&B - Bar - Restaurant

    Posada | Sardinia



Dear Guests,

Welcome to the Blu Day Bar Caffè - Bistrot,

and at Blu Day Guesthouse - Bed and Breakfast

in Posada, Sardinia.

Are you looking for a hotel, a Bed and Breakfast, a bistro bar, an accommodation near the sea for your wonderful holidays in Sardinia?

We are in Posada, just 1 km from the sea, and since 2004 we have been a point of reference for every occasion, thanks to our café, ice-cream parlour, chocolate shop, wine shop and recently also our bistro and B&B.

Bar, Restaurant and Bed and Beakfast a few steps from the most beautiful sea in the Mediterranean, in Posada, just south of the famous Costa Smeralda and north of the splendid Gulf of Orosei, easily connected to the peninsula by means of the port and airport of Olbia, which is a pretty city located a short distance from here.

Who we are

We are Pino and Marika. We have been running this business for about 10 years, with love and pride.

In the Bar Bistrot we offer coffee, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, tea, herbal teas and chocolates, aperitifs, long drinks and more, in a sober and welcoming place.

With the Guesthouse, which also includes the "Bed and Breakfast" formula, we are at your service to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as at home, to make your holidays unforgettable, to arouse in you the desire to come back to us .


by Barbuto Giuseppe
Via Gramsci 2, 08020 Posada (NU)
Tel: (+39) 347 6051400 - (+39) 347 0064860
Email: barbludayfloris@gmail.com

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Take a delicious break at the Blu Day Bistro Bar

The Aperitif

It includes countless alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, a generous selection of white and red wines and prosecco.

Accompanied with typical "snacks" and a friendly environment, it is the pleasant premise to stimulate appetite.

The ice cream

The ice cream is made by us, with a skilful artisan ritual, using genuine and high quality ingredients.

The large assortment ranges from classic to more original flavors.

And also: ice cream cakes, ice cream brioches, milkshakes, poached semifreddo, and the special "House Truffle".

A delicious refreshing break under the warm Sardinian sun




Enjoy your meal at the Blu Day Bistrot Bar

The breakfast

Breakfast at Blu day will give the "good" all day long

With an excellent cafeteria service, a good assortment of quality croissants, fruit salads, cakes, crepes, toasts and sandwiches.

The restaurant

With sandwiches, excellent first courses and compound dishes.

And of course with our smile and all our care.




Take a seat in our new Bed and Breakfast

The Blu Day Guesthouse

Blu Day Guesthouse, which provides a Bed and Breakfast service, was born in 2017.

The structure is therefore newly built, located in via Turati in Posada, 1 km from the sea.

It is also located just 3 km from "La Caletta", the port from which you can book trips to the splendid locations of the Gulf of Orosei.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom, TV and refrigerator.

Change of towels is provided every 2 days, together with cleaning; the sheets are replaced every 4 days.

You can park your car in the guesthouse garden.

For a quiet and comfortable stay a few steps from Paradise.






It is characterized by a crystal clear sea and surrounded by thick vegetation, which makes the panorama particularly suggestive. The beach has fine clear sand mixed with shells. Behind it is the "Castello della Fava", a medieval square tower construction. The beach is equipped with services.


Orvile beach has clear, soft and deep sand; transparent water has shades of green and blue. It is often sparsely populated and has a parking lot and a refreshment point. The hinterland is fascinating, with dunes, pine forest and a large protected wetland, with Rio Posada and Longo pond.


Iscrarios means "swamp". It is the continuation of the previous beach, not large, with medium-large and clear sand, mixed with algae, the blue water has a low and sandy bottom, suitable for diving and snorkeling. Behind the beach there is the Longo pond, with several species of birds, such as the wonderful pink flamingos.


It overlooks the Gulf of Posada, with a long beach of fine and clear sand. The sea is not always clear and crystalline. This beach is perfect for people who love tranquility, as it is not among the most popular. From it you can also enjoy a view of the pond.


Not far from Posada, there is La Caletta beach, near Siniscola. The coast is characterized by clear and soft sand, is surrounded by a green pine forest and is often windy, so it also offers equipment for water and sailing sports, including kitesurfing and windsurfing. The beautiful sea is clear and crystalline, with a shallow and sandy bottom.



Costa Smeralda

San Teodoro

Gulf of Orosei

Cala Gonone

La Caletta

Usinavà forest

Archaeological Area of Su Notante

Archaeological Area of Janna 'and Pruna



Posada is perched on a limestone cliff, cloaked in euphorbias and mastic. It is dominated by the ruins of the Castello della Fava.

The castle was built in the twelfth century by the judges of Gallura, was conquered by the judges of Arborea and was subsequently conquered by the Aragons.

The area was already populated in very ancient times, as evidenced by the presence of the Carthaginian colony of Feronia.

Important center at the time of the Giudicati, it decayed due to the numerous Saracen raids.

The ancient village preserves the medieval structure, with winding alleys connected by steep stairways, arches and small squares. The gray stone houses have been gradually renovated. The castle has also been restored: a wooden staircase leads to the top of the square tower from which you can enjoy a vast panorama: the sea, the mouth of the Posada river, the plain with citrus groves.

Inland there is the Posada lake, surrounded by pine forests, which is one of the many artificial basins on the island.

Visits to the Castello della Fava, built by the Pisans just before 1200, and those to the parish church of Sant'Antonio Abate, dating back to 1324 but rebuilt in the 1600s, are of considerable artistic interest.

We recommend that you participate in the feast of Sant'Antonio Abate, patron of the town. It is celebrated in the square where a huge pile of "mudregu" (cistus) is burned. The ritual involves three laps around the burning fire, followed by a procession. On the occasion of the festival, sweet pastries called "cogoneddos" are distributed.


Bar Blu Day by Barbuto Giuseppe
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Tel: (+39) 347 6051400 - (+39) 347 0064860 - Email: - barbludayfloris@gmail.com – www.barbluday.com


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